Trendy Mediterranean Home Decor

Luxury Interior Mediterranean Home Decor

Common off the coast of Greece, Spain and Italy, Mediterranean home decor is a way to add a touch cool and bright your home. Mosaics are often a hallmark of Mediterranean homes and can be used in a variety of places in your home.  Mediterranean wall colors represent the landscape of the region. Shades of red, green, brown, blue and yellow can be used inside your home in Mediterranean style. The paint colors need not match, but should complement each other; such as terracotta and a shade of green or a rich brown with a metallic shade of gold or copper.

Many Mediterranean home decor have been in place for several decades and have a decor reminiscent of an old world charm. Search parts made of forged, such as chandeliers, lamps, sconces racks or iron. If you have windows, add boxes with flowers full of colorful blooms.

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Decorations on the walls and rugs give focus to a room and add contrast of textures stone and metal. Mediterranean home decor are known for their asymmetric structure and open, ventilated living spaces. To allow the breeze to flow in hot days, you can see a big entrance which can be closed with wooden shutters.

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