Special Window Treatments Valances For Stylish Home

Light Window Treatments Valances

Window treatments valances refer to optional piece of cloth placed over a set of curtains. They are often used to hide the flip side of the top of the window, and can give treatments one pulled-together look window. If you are painting or decorating a bedroom that has borders, you want the rest of the room look as bright and coordinated as your window treatments; this can be accomplished in many different ways.

Using borders often shows that you put extra time and energy in your window treatments. You may want to show the same attention to detail when you consider the walls of the room. Window treatments valances add texture, so try some textured paint. You may want to stencil walls with intricate designs, or set limits that match the valance. Beware of wallpaper with a design that strikes the border; which it makes the room look coincident and fussy.

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Instead of having only window treatments valances, presented elsewhere around the room. For a child’s room, for example, placing them on top of the walls, as borders, gives the room a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. For a child, a four-poster bed with borders around the canopy itself can be a charming and feminine touch. You can even use a border as bed skirt for a nest or double bed.

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