Peacock Room Decor With Feathers

The Peacock Room Decor

Use peacock feathers to create a bedroom colorful, exotic, with a theme of birds. These rooms can be characterized as having images of peacock room decor, art and other related items in tone feathers. Peacock feathers are highlighted by the bold eye-shaped egg on top of the feathers fabrics colors like teal, dark green, brown, gold and yellow accents. These vibrant peacock feathers are male, and can be found online or in department stores.

Use blue or green ribbon to tie peacock room decor with feathers around the four bedposts. If you do not have poles in bed, you can also glue the feathers in random spots on its head. If you want something less permanent, reversible use tapes to hold the pens on the headboard. Sew some peacock feathers along the bottom of the bed or sew these pens at random locations across the bed skirt.

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Use more green and blue ribbons to tie peacock room decor with feathers in the corners of the frame, mirrors and other elements in the room. Buy teal or blue curtains hanging in your room and peacock feathers sewn in random places on them. Fill a vase of peacock feathers and place in wardrobe with artificial colors like blue and green stones gem and jewelry chests.

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