Parisian Home Decor Ideas

Parisian Home Decor Apartment Ideas

Inspired by nature and history, Parisian home decor radiates natural and timeless sophistication. Whether you want to add new details to the existing decor of your home, or if you plan to remodel it completely, you can incorporate the French chic style to the decor of your home, combining colors and natural fabrics with traditional furniture and accents.

The Parisian home decor revolves mostly around natural colors, from cobalt blue to gold wheat. For treatment of the walls, the palette you choose can change the way that experiences the space. In his book “Provencal Interiors” the authors Betty Lou Phillips and Dan Piassick recommend use dark colors to make a large room smaller and more intimate and choose lighter colors such as green or blue sky, for a small room look more spacious.

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For an authentic Parisian home decor appearance, avoid strong artificial colors and tones instead chosen to harmonize with the natural environment. However, that does not mean you should limit yourself to earth tones. To highlights, choose colors that evoke the wildflowers of the French countryside, like yellow sunflowers, green grass and red poppies. Whether you’re furnishing a room from scratch, or simply add a piece to suggest the French style, the furniture is crucial to the overall effect of your decor.

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