Decoration Color Grey Area Rug

Grey Area Rug Sun Design

Grey Area Rug – gray carpets are available in various shades, but one thing that makes gray carpet – whatever their color – it lends to a contemporary look and feel. The key to choosing colors that go with gray carpet is discretion. Any colors go well with a gray rug because it is neutral, but knowing how much color to use and where to use which can make or break your design.

Monochromatic Colors

Using a monochromatic colors scheme in a room with grey area rug creates a sleek, modern look. Combine lighter and darker gray along with black and white tones. For example, paints the wall a lighter shade of gray, and cover yours beds with white sheets. Choose black furniture, and is bright if you want the room to appear.

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Warm Colors

Use a warm color to create a vibrant, energized feeling in a room. All warm colors go well with grey area rug. Yellow, orange and yellow-green are popular choices. One idea is to paint the walls white and yellow stripes, or goes with a background of geometric or flora’s display of yellow and white. Choose a sofa gray or white for your living room, and the use of yellow for your cushions.

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