Creating Ninja Turtle Room Decor For Styrofoam

Simple Ninja Turtle Room Decor

Ninja turtle room decor – Create a turtle Styrofoam to decorate a room is an inexpensive way to add style to the ninja turtle room decor of a child. It can also serve as a project that you can do with your child for a rainy day. Make your own turtle Styrofoam is a project that can be completed in minutes using a few materials. Cut your ball Styrofoam or plastic 10 cm in half to create a hemisphere. Keep as soft edges as possible. Average placed Styrofoam sphere, ball 2.5 cm and the cone of the same material on the piece of paper.

Paint the ninja turtle room decor and Styrofoam cone and ball 2.5 cm deep green with your brush. Let the parts to dry. Using your pence, paints average polystyrene sphere of light green. Leave to dry. Unfold your six clipboards. Inserts two halfway into the flat face of the cone.

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Joining the three pieces by inserting the other half clipboard polystyrene bead. Ensures ball 2.5 cm on the opposite end of the half sphere inserting the remainder of the clipboard in this piece. Now this should resemble the head, shell and tail of a ninja turtle room decor. Attach the four bottle caps in the lower body of the turtle with extra strong glue.

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