Build Clubhouse For Mickey Mouse Room Decora

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Mickey Mouse Room Decor – “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” is a TV show coming out on Disney Channel. The show is aimed at pre-school age children, and each episode involves viewers interact with the characters as they try to solve a problem. If your little one is a fan of the show, you can build Mickey Mouse Room Decor. Cut the top flaps of a large box of appliance such as a refrigerator. Turn the box upside down so that the vacuum side is on the floor. Tape both tops that were up to secure and make a roof.

Cut a rectangle in the center, at the bottom of one side of the box to make a door through which children can enter and leave the house. Paint the red box and let dry. On the front of the box, painted two blue circles, side by side, to make them look like windows in the clubhouse of Mickey Mouse room decor.

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Cut another piece of cardboard figure of Mickey Mouse room decor. Pint Mickey head of black color and let dry. Tape both Mickey head on the top of the box, running vertically. Cut a figure shoe a piece of cardboard and paint it yellow. Let dry. Paste the shoe on the right side of the clubhouse.

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