Artsy And Funky Home Decor

Funky Home Decor – Home decor and modern artsy decor uses techniques tried and true in new ways. Artistic and Funky Home Decor has its finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of decoration, without losing the feeling of home. Tendencies. Schemes of funky home decor and artistic decoration often use the current trend in decorating if it is a tendency of furniture style or color. For example, a color trend that was popular in the 2010’s the combination of pink and orange together. The use of bright colors like these gives a space a modern look.

Patterns. The use of patterns in home decor helps create an artistic and funky home decor look. For example, upholstery fabrics featuring a French toile pattern adds an artistic touch to the decor. Furthermore, by selecting patterns that have their common colors, you can mix and match patterns and stripes together as toile, which is a more modern trend.

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Old and New. Modern and creative design tends to mix old and new together. This could include a collection of modern art housed in a room with a collection of vintage hats. So, very easy to decorate your home with funky home decor.

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